Is a decluttering service profitable? Usually, a cleaning and Decluttering Services in Seattle is a small agency with one to five people operating it. Everyday tasks you might be asked to perform are barely enough to even make 55000 USD a year for a person (this includes garage cleaning, pressure washing driveways, bathroom cleaning, attic cleaning, etc). And that might be a reason why this business does not sound lucrative to many! 

However, theoretically cleaning is a service that every home and office in the country needs. Therefore, once you figure out how to maximize your marketing skills and get hold of the big gigs, you can indeed make quite a lot out of it. Today we are looking at specific situations where a Decluttering Service in Seattle becomes an extremely profitable venture.

When do Professionals Profit From Their Decluttering Services

Instead of residential homes, what if you could work in office optimization and estate transition projects? Decluttering is a broad term and involves careful management of excessive data and minimally required resources, so everyone from construction to health care needs you.

End of Tenancy 

Whether your client is a tenant or a landlord, they will need a declutter team to help you turn back a rental property to its original state. This way they don’t have to worry about keeping unnecessary items while relocating but also won’t have to deal with excessive environmental waste.

Here, your main task is to categorize all their property and under their guidance, help safely pack necessary goods. Then you go on to safely dispose of plastic and metal waste. When working with small businesses and workstations that are relocating, you will also be dealing with chemicals and fragile raw materials! 

Preparing for Downsizing

Want to make some quick money by collaborating with commercial businesses? Indeed, you can make a lot by receiving a gig from companies working in the IT, fashion, and manufacturing industries. 

In the last decade, these companies have been focusing heavily on downsizing! When hired, we help them streamline the downsizing process (by sorting and organizing personal versus office property, important documents, packing of secret and confidential items, etc) to help them bring the same amount of energy and efficiency to a much smaller organization! 

These days, you can also branch out to the ‘digital deep cleaning’ industry to make a little extra income!

Hoarding Cleanup

Do you think you can handle large places cramped with unrelated items? If yes, you can specialize in hoarding cleanup. Working in this field you will get to help individuals battle their clinically disabling tendency to store valuelessness in their living areas. Once the space is cleared out, your clients can finally take a step towards change and try to live a clean, no-waste life. This is indeed the most dignified and compassionate service you can provide as a professional in this industry!

Final Words

Isn’t doing well in this business dependent on how well we work? Good service, after all, means building long-term relationships (and growing our catalog of services). If we do it right, decluttering can make us rich. And give us a strong sense of ethical accomplishment! There is also great scope for improvement in this industry.

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