Professional Home Organizing Services in Seattle, WA

What if…

  • Your home feels uncluttered and you didn’t have to hunt for your keys each morning?

  • You know exactly where to put everything after a major grocery run?

  • There’s no need to panic because someone came over unannounced?

Your home can be that calm, peaceful place you’ve been dreaming of, and Organizing Sense can make that happen! Our home organizers will guide you through what to declutter and what to keep (you always have the final say…but imagine if you were surrounded by only the stuff that brings you joy). We’ll also create systems customized to your lifestyle and routines so that you can stay organized in your home. We know you might feel nervous for us to come over and see your “mess,” but we pride ourselves to be 100% judgment-free, confidential, and honest – we love a good mess!

We organize and serve clients in the greater Seattle area, and the first step to getting organized is for us to chat over the phone about your project. We love organizing it all for you, and we’re excited to turn your home into a stress-free space.

Transform your Seattle home into an organized haven with our home organizer service. Our home organizers cater to home organizers near me and throughout Seattle. Whether you need a personal home organizer or professional home organizers near me in Seatlle, we’re here to streamline and simplify your space.


  • Hours spent organizing your home

  • Time spent designing a system that’s customized to you

  • Research and shopping time for organizing products

  • Taking donation items to charity

  • Dropping off items to be sold through consignment or online methods

  • Taking trash and recycling for disposal (additional dump costs apply)

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers (e.g., kitchen remodel/closet install)

  • Follow-up for two weeks after completing the project to check that the system’s working for you

Reimagine Your Home with Organising Sense!

We are here to make your home work
for you.

Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Do you struggle with home organization?

Our professional organizers are just a phone call away. Contact us today at (865) 262-8962 for a free phone or video consultation. We serve home organizers near me and home organizers in Seattle, offering professional home organizers near me and personal home organizer services tailored to Seattle and Seattle WA residents.

How do you Get Started?

Step 1 – Phone Consultation: Complete our contact form, or call us at (865) 2628962 so we can talk briefly about how we can help you. At the end of our phone call, we’ll schedule a consultation at your home.

Step 2 – In-Home Consultation: Together, we’ll walk through the spaces you need help with and discuss your organizing goals. We’ll talk about your habits and routines so we understand how you live and use the space. The in-home consult will last up to an hour. Afterwards, we’ll send you a custom quote within 48 business hours.

Step 3 – Plan and Organize: We’ll whip up a plan on how to tackle your spaces. We will sort, declutter, organize, and containerize! We’ll also set up systems so you can keep the spaces organized.

* During the COVID-19 pandemic, we strive to keep you safe while we organize.